Sensinov announces the availability of djane, a data sharing open source.

24 may, 2019 - Toulouse, France - Sensinov, a fast growing IoT start-up focusing on interoperability as a service for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, announced today the initial availability of djane open source project. Djane supports ETSI Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management (ETSI ISG CIM) specifications, referred to as NGSI-LD.

NGSI-LD is an information model, a representation format and an open API intended to address data integration issues when sharing or trading data.

djane is not tied to a particular platform, it is designed to run with virtually any IoT platform for instance. A description of djane and related source code is available under this link:


“Sensinov focuses on interoperability as a service. Our customers are embracing digital transformation and are increasingly looking for ways to expose or trade data. It became very clear for us that current approaches to data integration will not scale and that a specification such as NGSI-LD could help the data market develop and flourish. Recognising the real value is in the data, we decided to make our own implementation of NGSI-LD available as open source, a move that was welcomed by our customers and partners”, declared Mahdi Ben Alaya, CEO of Sensinov.

Christophe Colinet, Smart City Project Manager with Bordeaux Métropole and Vice Chair of the ETSI group specifying NGSI-LD, also declared: “We are working on a number of Smart City applications within Bordeaux Métropole. We concluded that a horizontal and standard-based approach compliant with oneM2M is unique in extending and scaling those deployments while also avoiding lock-in. NGSI-LD provides a nice complement to our oneM2M based deployments in particular to encourage entrepreneurs take part in our citizen-centric journey by leveraging our enriched data and building applications”. Mr Colinet added: “We are also working with Sensinov in the context of the Synchronicity project to showcase in action the combined value propositions of oneM2M and NGSI-LD and support the concepts of Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIM) promoted by Open and Agile Smart cities.

About Sensinov:

Sensinov is a fast growing IoT start-up headquartered in the IoT Valley, in Labège, France commercialising a cloud platform facilitating interoperability between connected objects. Sensinov is committed to open standards and open source because of a firm believe in their value for healthy market growth. As co-founder of Eclipse Foundation OM2M open source project, member of ETSI, oneM2M and the Smart Building Alliance; Sensinov has a proven track record with standards and open source projects.

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Sensinov joins IoT Valley to develop its industry leading IoT platform in key, and across, vertical markets.

07 February, 2017 – Toulouse, France – Sensinov, an innovative provider of open platforms for cloud IoT applications and devices, announced today becoming a member of IoT Valley near Toulouse, France, European reference business ecosystem and startup acceleration program specialized in IoT. 

“At Sensinov we are delighted to locate our offices at IoT Valley and collaborate with a fast growing IoT ecosystem,” said Dr. Mahdi Ben Alaya, founder and CEO of Sensinov. “IoT is a huge market opportunity but nobody can address it alone, the IoT Valley is a unique collaborative environment that we will leverage to grow our operations and bring to fruition our innovations”.

“We witnessed a great potential and innovation DNA in the Sensinov approach. It is definitely a great addition to our partner’s portfolio which includes the likes of Sigfox. Sensinov has ambitious aspirations and we are confident to make this engagement with Sensinov a win-win long standing partnership”, said Mr Bertran Ruiz, Head of business at IoT valley. 

Sensinov, which released a commercial open IoT platform based on oneM2M standard, demonstrated its solution in action at several international showcase and interoperability events. The last in date is the ETSI IoT showcase where Sensinov exhibited its platform along with interworking capabilities for IBM Watson IoT.

“There are hundreds of IoT platforms in the market, but not all are based on open standards. Smart Cities and Service Providers made it very clear: they want IoT to be multi-vendor and open as a means to protect their investment and pave the way for profitable growth. Sensinov IoT platform is unique from this perspective”, said Dr. Ben Alaya. 

Through joining IoT Valley, Sensinov will be working with the ecosystem partners to help the development of its industry leading platform in key, and across, vertical markets. 

About Sensinov:

Sensinov is an innovative start-up that offers IoT solutions for mass scale deployment of connected objects based on international standards and open source. Sensinov platform allows to operate connected objects and applications regardless of their protocols, suppliers and technologies while protecting customers from vendor lock-in. Sensinov is an active contributor to standards, in particular oneM2M, and holds the position of testing working group vice-chair of oneM2M. For further details, please visit



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