Sensinov deploys its interoperability platform in Versailles and Brainport

Sensinov is powering AUTOPILOT, a large scale european project for Automated driving progressed by Internet of Things, through the deployment of its Interoperability Platform in Versailles and Brainport pilot sites.

The project connects the vehicle to the cloud using oneM2M standards-based platform provided by Sensinov. The goal is to deploy new services for autonomous car sharing, automated valet parking and enhanced digital dynamic maps. These services pave the way for fully autonomous driving.

2019 - Versailles and Brainport

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Thomas Lallemant
For the sixth time in a row Sensinov takes part in the oneM2M interop event

After the 1st edition in Sophia Antipolis, the 2nd in Seoul, the 3rd in Kobe, the 4th in Taiwan and the 5th in Pangyo, Sensinov participates in the 6th oneM2M interop event in Washington DC.

Sensinov tested and validated its oneM2M platform with more than 30 companies in this event that attracted numerous engineers specialized in interoperability. Sensinov played an active part in the success of this event by presenting a daily wrap-up conclusion allowing the participants to exchange views around the progress of the testing activities.

As a firm believer in the role of standards in creating market conditions for open IoT deployment, i.e. avoiding lock-in to customers, Sensinov will continue its active involvement in similar events hands-in-hands with other ecosystem players including potential customers.

July 9-13, 2018 - Washington DC, United States

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Thomas Lallemant
BFM Business Interviews Sensinov in the broadcast “le tête à tête des décideurs”

Sensinov was in the spotlight at BFM Business Television on the occasion of the broadcast “le tête à tête décideur”.

Founder and CEO of Sensinov, Mahdi Ben Alaya presented the start up, explained what is at stake nowadays in the universe of IoT and presented the solutions that Sensinov is offering to unlock the interoperability problems of smart buildings. The value proposition pertaining to cost reduction was also highlighted.

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September 2018 - Paris, France

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Thomas Lallemant
Sensinov and John Deer present the first tractor connected to a car in Sophia Antipolis

In a move to reduce the number of collisions between farm vehicles and other road users and help improve traffic safety in rural areas, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has demonstrated the world’s first tractor that communicates with cars.

The demonstration on show at ETSI is made up of a John Deere tractor and the communications platform from Sensinov and Agricultural industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). The exhibit shows how the two vehicles communicate using visual and sound signals to give warning of their presence, thanks to the standard developed by ETSI’s oneM2M partnership project.

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October 30, 2018 - Sophia Antipolis Nice, France

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Thomas Lallemant
Sensinov organizes the oneM2M Hackathon of Dallas

Sensinov participates in the organization of this competition reserved for students.

The event presented the IoT vision, challenges, and efforts achieved by the standardization bodies to design a globally agreed IoT service platform. The oneM2M standard was introduced as a promising solution for IoT cross-domain interoperability. Participants were asked to follow practical sessions to learn how to quickly integrate heterogeneous IoT devices and develop IoT applications based on the open source project Eclipse OM2M, led by Sensinov.

March 9, 2018 - Dallas, Texas, United States

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Thomas Lallemant
Sensinov at the IoT Week Korea 2018

Sensinov again showcases its IoT capabilities at IoT Korea Week 2018 in Seoul.

Through its participation in the largest conference and showcase event dedicated to IoT in Korea, Sensinov confirms its intent to have an international impact.

Founder and CEO, Mahdi Ben Alaya, indicated: “Korea is one of the most vibrant IoT markets in the word, it is natural for us to attend IoT Korea week and extend our collaboration with several players in Korea”.

September 10-21, 2018 - Séoul, Korea

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Thomas Lallemant
Sensinov involved in the oneM2M Hackathon India

Sensinov participates in the organization of the oneM2M Hackathon taking place this week in India.

This developer-focused event provides an overview of oneM2M standards and tools that are enabling interoperability and market growth in the Internet of Things. National and International speakers shared valuable insights for developers active in IoT.

The spirit of this new initiative is to create an interactive and stimulating exchange platform for developers, allowing many opportunities of hands on exercises.

As an active contributor to standards and leader of Eclipse OM2M open source, Sensinov seeks to fameliarise the developers community with its IoT platform, while also discusses opportunities to help its international growth in Asia.

June 8-9, 2017 - New Delhi/Bangalore, India

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Thomas Lallemant
Sensinov joins IoT Valley

Sensinov joins IoT Valley, Europe reference business ecosystem specialized in IoT and startup acceleration.

Through joining the IoT Valley, Sensinov will team up with several innovative IoT players to expand the addressable market for its industry leading IoT platform in key, and across, vertical markets.

January 2017 - Toulouse, France

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Thomas Lallemant