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Global IoT Platform


Horizontal IoT service platform based on the global oneM2M standard for an effective interoperability in terms of communication and semantic

Extensible Architecture

Modular architecture, designed on top of a protocol-independent CORE module, running on top of an OSGi run-time and highly extensible via plugins.

Open Interfaces

Unique reference points based on a lightweight RESTful API for seamless interaction with platform applications, services, and devices.

Growing Community

Open source kernel based on the open source pioneering project Eclipse OM2M adopted by several industrials and universities across the world.

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End-to-End Service Layer


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IoT Service Capabilities

  • Dashboard & Vizualization

    Intuitive dashboard for sensor data visualization, device control and entity management, platform monitoring and system configuration. (Responsive, HTML5 & CSS3)

  • Persistence SQL or NoSQL

    Data storage and retrieval using a flexible persistence layer supporting embedded & server databases, in-memory mode, SQL & NoSQL models (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)

  • Security & Privacy

    Secure communication using symmetric and asymmetric encryption ensuring devices and applications authentication, authorization and accounting (TLS, TLS-PSK, etc.)

  • Device Interworking

    Integrate vendor-specific devices or assets you already have via interworking proxies in order to quickly bring together a complete IoT system (ZWave, Enocean, BLE, 6LowPan, etc.).

  • Device Managemenent

    Device configuration, feature enablement, software upgrade, provisoning, and fault management using lighweight device management protocols (OMA LWM2M, etc.)

  • Communication Bindings

    Interact with the platform API using multiple communication protocols bindings (HTTP, CoAP, etc.) using different content formats (XML, JSON, etc.)

  • Cloud Deployment

    Achieve economies of scale, reduce spending on technology infrastructure, streamline processes, and improve system accessibility and flexibility

  • Additional Features

    Customized extensions according to your needs for semantic support, QoS management, Autonomous Management, Information Centric Networking, Software Defined Networking, etc.

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